Reused Material Warehouse Identity

Identity, Support Materials, and Signage

This Project was a Collaborative Effort
STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller
CLIENT: Rebuilding Exchange
I had the distinct honor to have concepted and designed this identity work for the Chicago institution Rebuilding Exchange in collaboration with Will Miller during my time at Firebelly.
Fundamentally the Rebuilding Exchange is an affordable, high-quality, retail building material warehouse-driven to help their neighbors and customers. Through their principal offering of reclaimed building materials, what once would have been waste is now diverted from landfills and made available to the public for reuse.

This seemingly simple act promotes sustainable deconstruction practices, educates the community on salvage, and provides local jobs and training programs, all the while creating a marketplace for high-quality goods at a fraction of competitors prices.
With an ever-changing range of goods, well-organized inventory and a staff of knowledgeable builders focused on customer service, shopping is transformed to an experience that is cost-effective, easy, and empowering. Building and design veterans quickly locate their materials and save on the bottom line of their projects. Home-owners and DIYers experience the same savings and receive help in thinking through how to make it work.

By way of coupling utility with innovation, while maintaining simplicity,the identity take steps towards traditional branding infused with the unique personality and large presence of the Rebuilding Exchange. Through bold uses of form, color, texture, and image, we built a clear and powerful identity that delivers on each audience member’s need—the need for dependable, go-to leader in building materials.

These highly structured forms portray an entity that is accessible, organized, and trusted as this leader. The textured and tooled styling speaks to the details and honest materials of the building process. This look resonates a known connection to the builders, makers, foremen and designers that transcends corporate communication of a Home Depot or Lumber Liquidators.

Project Deliverables:
Branding, Identity Design, Strategy, Creative Direction, Signage, Stationery, Collateral
This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller

SIGN PAINTING: Rightway Signs